Managers Update – ICE CREAM FUN

I would just like to give you a little insight into an example of an activity and how we support the children through EYFS as you probably don’t have a clue what we get up to most days and I know when you ask the children what they have done in pre-school they very often say”nothing”!

One of the children’s favourite games when outside is to play “who want’s an ice-cream” from the tractor window and they pretend to sell ice-cream. Our role is to support and extend their experience and knowledge by offering and suggesting extra props in their chosen play. Yesterday, Gail provided real ice-cream for the children to open their own ice-cream parlour. Gail and Liz supported the children and they all took supermarket baskets outside with pretend money, went shopping and all had the chance to serve ice-cream to their friends from the ice-cream van (tractor window) and more importantly, eat it. The children had a fantastic time and went home sticky but happy! In addition to prompting and suggesting how to extend their play, every single activity has to be risk assessed so we would look at things like, do any children have dairy allergies or having to be extra vigilant and prepared to take the activity inside quickly due to wasps etc.

Thank you to Gail for providing a lovely afternoon for the children on her first official session as Deputy.