Managers Update – OCTOBER

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of our first half term, the children have settled well and we have been very busy behind the scenes planning changes and improvements which will benefit the pre-school and the children.

I have a few things that I would like to inform you of and some dates for your diary so please read on!

You will have recently been asked to sign the amended policy document regarding sun cream and social networking sites and photos (a few are still to sign next week if you could spare a few moments at drop off time). I would just like to re-iterate that the policy document is available to you at any time for you to refer to; a copy will be available on a daily basis next to the self-registration tree that the children put their names on in a morning. If you are unsure of any policies or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff at any time.

You are also very welcome to have a look through your child’s “Learning Journey” at any time and ask any questions you may have regarding their development and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

As part of our improvements in the setting we are currently working on developing the outside area for the children and providing resources and opportunities for them which cover the 7 areas of learning within the EYFS framework. Could I ask if you have any old pots and pans that you no longer need if you could kindly donate them to pre-school as we can use these outside and have some fun.

This week the children have been introduced to a new friend at pre-school, his name is Ojo and he is a lovely soft cuddly dog that is here to help support the children with their personal, social and emotional skills. Ojo comes in his own rucksack and has a couple of activities with him that he would like to share with the children. The children are very excited about him and are all waiting for a turn to take him home on an adventure. There is a diary which we would like you to help your child complete when they bring Ojo home, if you could help them write a few lines about what they have done with Ojo or where they have taken him, they are welcome to draw a picture on the page or put in a photo. When they bring Ojo back to pre-school they will get the opportunity to talk to their friends about their adventures with Ojo and show the diary. Parents are very welcome to stay and be part of this and support their child in communicating to their friends at registration time. Please ask if you wish to know any more and help us look after Ojo and his things so that all the children get a chance to have a turn and enjoy him. They have already ALL asked to be the first to take him home!

A few dates for your diary:

Monday 14th October Joanne Bryant photographer will be coming in to take individual photos, these are ideal for Christmas presents however you are under no obligation to buy.

Winter Wonderland posters and tickets will be available shortly as this fundraising event is coming up in November, please support this and spread the word to family, neighbours, friends, friends of friends and anyone with a pulse and a purse! We rely on these events to be able to provide better resources and equipment for the children, we would really like to get ipad’s for them to use amongst many other things.

For those of you who are working or leading busy lives we have planned our Christmas Performance date so that we can give you notice in advance. We will be doing something (we don’t know what yet!) on Tuesday 17th December at 2pm. This will allow those who have to pick siblings up from school to leave around 3pm with their child. We break up for Christmas holidays on Thursday 19th December.

On Thursday 31st October we are doing a Halloween sponsored toddle. You will find a sponsor form in your child’s busy box next week, please help your child get as many sponsors as possible. We plan to do the toddle up and down the field and each time your child gets back to the top of the field they will collect a little token which will be exchanged for a Halloween treat bag at home time. Fancy Dress is optional but would be fun. We intend for this to go ahead whatever the weather so please ensure they have wellies and a coat and a change of clothes in case we get wet.

Finally, a big Thank you to all the committee members and parents that have helped so far this term, your help is very much appreciated by all the staff. We are always looking for new members as every little helps, so please think about coming along to the next committee meeting.