Managers Update – HALLOWEEN TODDLE

Welcome back,

I hope you have had an enjoyable half term. May I extend this welcome to our new starter who started with us today at pre-school. She has joined the children in a fun day of making spiders and Slime jelly with snakes in it!!

I would like to remind you of our Sponsored Halloween Toddle which will take place this Thursday 31st October, this is a nice way of involving the children to do their little bit to help fundraise for their own resources and keep them involved whilst making it a fun activity.

We have a sport’s session in the morning so plan on doing the toddle after snack (11.15ish). We will help the children into their outfits if they wish to wear Fancy Dress. As you are probably aware, the weather forecast is not great however, we intend to carry on with our plans so would appreciate it if you could ensure wellies, a good water proof coat and for those that are staying for the afternoon session a dry change of clothes just in case!! As always, parents are very welcome to join in or watch. The children will collect little Halloween tokens and be rewarded with a little Halloween sweet bag to take home.

Please support them by getting them as many sponsors from family, friends and neighbours as possible.

On Tuesday 5th November in the morning, the children from Whitley school are visiting us and our pre-school children will be serving them ice-cream cornets from their ice-cream parlour, this follows on from their ice-cream theme they have followed with Gail leading up to half term. Please feel free to join us or, help clean up the mess afterwards!!

Finally, the Parent/child resource box is available for you to take/share and return whatever you like, please feel free to help yourselves. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.