Managers Update – January

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our Theme for this half term is “People Who Help Us” during pre-school sessions we have been talking to the children about lots of different professions and people who help us including Teacher’s and families. We discussed how our Mummy’s and Daddy’s help us in our every day routines, we asked the children to do something in return to help you and it was suggested that they could make their own bed in a morning, some children may have remembered!!!

As part of this theme we would like to invite you to a Stay and Play session on Wednesday 21st January, if you can spare an hour or even half an hour after drop off time the children would like to role play “helping” by being waiters and waitresses in our “Whitley Café”. They can take orders and serve you juice and biscuits. It would be appreciated if you could spare the time to support this and help make it fun and exciting for the children. If you can’t make it, Grandparent’s are very welcome.

Over the coming terms we are also going to promote learning and support for the children with self care skills, simple things such as putting their own coat on, drying hands properly, doing a zip, putting their own shoes and socks on etc. I appreciate that some children can already do some of these things however, for those that can’t please encourage them to practice at home and become independent. We will include a note on the door every couple of weeks with the task that we are focusing on so that you can support by practicing the same skill at home, please fill in the “Wow” moment sheets available on the notice board to record any achievements at home, it’s really nice to have your input in your child’s progress and development for us to include in their learning journeys.

In addition, if there is a particular self care skill you are encouraging your child to achieve at home, let us know and we can support this and practice in pre-school.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask,

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you on 21st