Managers Report February 2016

Dear All,

I hope you have had an enjoyable half term and the children are looking forward to coming back to pre-school this coming week.

A reminder that Zoolab are visiting on Wednesday 24th Feb and will be starting their workshop at 9.30am-10.30am, the theme is a Gruffalo based story so I am sure the children will really enjoy this experience. The risk assessment details are in the Parent/Carer information file available to you daily.

As you all know Mother’s Day is approaching at the beginning of March, we would like to invite all Mum’s/ Carer’s/ Grandma’s/ Nanna’s etc to our special Mother’s Day Pamper Special on Wednesday 2nd March 9.30am.

The children will be setting up a little salon where you can have your nails painted (remover will be provided for those little rough edges as we are still in training!), you will then be waited on and served fresh “Mummy Love Pink Smoothie” and biscuits.

The children will absolutely love being able to do this for you so please try and make yourself available or a Grandma for half an hour or so, so that we can provide the children with these exciting and special experiences in pre-school to share with you and have a little fun.

We plan another “Whitley Cafe” soon where this will be open to all, further details to follow.

Finally, could I ask that you confirm by return email or text if you plan on increasing any sessions over the next half term, we need this information to ensure fees are invoiced correctly in advance so that we can stop the need for cash being handed to staff in pre-school, as you can appreciate it is a far better option to have all fees paid by bank transfer to ensure finance records are provided and reduce numerous trips to the bank. In addition, we do plan for each daily session for the children we know are present and of course have to ensure staff ratio in advance, thank you for you support in this matter.

I look forward to seeing you at pre-school this week and hope that you can make the Mother’s Day Pamper Special!

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Kind Regards