Admissions & Fees

We have a flexible intake policy and welcome children throughout the year. Our admissions team will contact all new families prior to starting at the pre-school to arrange an introductory visit. Once children have started at pre-school we are flexible with our settling in policy. We recognise that all children are individuals and some take longer to settle than others.

We request that children undertake a minimum of two sessions a week on two different days.


Fees are £11.00 per session. Free childcare is available from the term following your child’s third birthday and can be used towards the cost of sessions. From this time your child is entitled to 5 free sessions a week (15 hours).

Our fees are reviewed annually by the committee and are payable at the beginning of each half term.

Please feel free to visit the pre-school and see for yourself the many varied activities our children enjoy daily.

For further information, please contact Vicki Brown our Pre-School Manager on  07854 422418

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