Get Involved

We are proud that pre-school is a committee led organisation and many of our parents/carers sit on the committee. Parents/carers are asked to become involved, by helping us during sessions, participating in our fund-raising events, or by joining the committee.

We aim to establish a friendly and trusting relationship with our pre-school families and issue regular newsletters to keep you informed of current and future events. We also operate a ‘key person’ system, so that each child has someone assigned to care for them and enable a close relationships with the family. If any parent/carer has a skill or profession they would like to share with the pre-school, for example if you are a great singer or a fabulous baker, the staff and the children would love to hear from you.


The committee is you! Our parents form the constitution of the group, parents appoint the staff, set the fees, and make key decisions to benefit their children’s learning and development.

A chairperson, Lucy,  heads the committee, and is the liaison between parents, committee and staff. They are assisted by a treasurer, and secretary. Other members of the committee take charge of the parents’ rota, fundraising and publicity. The Annual General Meeting is held at the start of the autumn term.

The help and support of our parents is therefore constitutionally vital for the group. We cannot run without a committee in place.

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