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Our Local Offer

Whitley Community Pre-School offers a caring, nurturing environment with experienced, dedicated staff.  Our setting promotes a safe, secure place where children grow and learn through stimulating experiences and activities guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and following the Special Educational Needs code of practice. Building confidence and good relationships, based on the individual needs of the child. We are based in Whitley Village Hall, a rural setting with a good community support and positive links with Whitley School and other settings in the area.

  1. How do you meet the individual needs of each child?

We currently have four members of staff at Whitley and we are all Level 3 qualified in child development and have years of experience in supporting children’s development, including children with special needs. Also, all the staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid. All staff regularly attend courses regarding new practice regarding child development and in addition courses such as Makaton, SEND, I’m Two not Three, Food Hygiene,

We have two named Special Educational Needs coordinators, Gail Healey and Vicki Brown. Gail Healey has completed the latest up to date training regarding SEND in 2015. We have experience in supporting children with SEND including, Speech and Language, delays in development such as social communication, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Diabetes. Gail Healey also has personal experience in SEND, as her son has a disability.

At Whitley we support children with SEND by working with parent/carer or any other professionals involved to make sure we can meets the needs of the child in the setting and having the correct equipment to make sure the child is safe and included.  If we have identified a child with SEND with parent/carer support we use a Graduated Approach and work with many different agencies like Speech and Language Therapists, Early Years Specialist Support, Health Visitors, Paediatricians, Physiotherapists and also by setting smaller, achievable targets and monitoring them, helping the child to progress at their own pace.

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